I love being a chiropractor. My profession gives me an amazing opportunity to interact with people at every stage in their lives. I would love to be able to serve you, too! Whether you suffer from chronic pain that hampers your lifestyle, or you’re focused on total body wellness, I am committed to caring for you as an individual. At Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic, you’re not just another face in the crowd… you’re special!

And here we stress Wellness Chiropractic care. Don’t think of this as a temporary fix or a “crack of the back.” Wellness Chiropractic is life-changing as we help your body improve its natural functions, and increase your longevity through realigning your spine. And that is when your body will begin to heal itself!

Featured Testimonial Meet Kerry

"I first came to see Dr. Andy because I was suffering from extreme lower back pain with sciatica. During my treatment we discovered a herniated disk, as well as two bulging discs. I had tried physical therapy and other chiropractic treatments in the past, but nothing had an effect until I came to Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic. I have been seeing Dr. Andy since 2011, and I continue to see decreases in the pain and discomfort caused by my lowed back issues. I sleep better and am able to sit more comfortably at work. My adjustments have eliminated the pain from my sciatica and disc problems and have increased my mobility. Chiropractic works for me, and that is why I visit Dr. Andy on a regular basis to continue my wellness care."

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