At Tuckahoe Family Chiropractic, you’re not just another face in the crowd… you’re special! I love being a chiropractor. My profession gives me an amazing opportunity to interact with people at every stage in their lives. I would love to be able to serve you, too! Whether you suffer from chronic neck and low back pain that hampers your lifestyle, or you’re focused on total body wellness, I am committed to caring for you as an individual.

And here we stress Wellness Chiropractic care. Don’t think of this as a temporary fix or a “crack of the back.” Wellness Chiropractic is life-changing as we help your body improve its natural functions, and increase your longevity through realigning your spine. And that is when your body will begin to heal itself!


I came to Tuckahoe family chiropractic with extreme neck pain, back pain and foot pain. Before coming here I had tried everything, orthopedist, podiatry, massages, and none of it worked 100%. After going through care now for a couple months my plantar fascitis is almost completely gone. My neck and low back pain is resolved. Not only have these symptoms cleared up, but I generally feel overall better and healthier. Thanks to chiropractic care my pain is so much better, I can move more easily and I am back to running regularly. Thanks to Dr. Andy’s suggestion, I plan on doing the de-tox program to also better my health along with continuing my chiropractic care.

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